Devon world-wide

Devon world-wide

Devon conjures up all sorts of images for all sorts of people. Childhood memories of ice creams, splashing around in thesurf, Devon cream teas and everlasting summers!

When constructing this site, we researched the word Devon and through the power of the internet however shows that the word Devon is not just associated with the sceond largest county in England, but a couple of other places across the Atlantic!

This page is dedicated to these two other Devon locations.


Our friends across the Atlantic have two villages called Devon. This is an extract from the website for the first one in Haven County:-

"Nestled on the shores of the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound the "Village of Devon" is the gateway to Milford and New Haven County. Originally called the Devon section of Milford, we are now known as the "Village of Devon".

and more precisely on Wikipedia:-

"The village of Devon is a neighborhood of the city of Milford, Connecticut, United States.It lies on the southwest corner of the city bordering Long Island Sound and the mouth of the Housatonic River. The village generally corresponds to the Third Voting District of Milford.The village features an Audubon Center overlooking the estuary."

the second can be found in Bourbon County at latitude 37.922 and longitude -94.819 with a few thousand inhabitants, but little other information.


Devon is also a town in the province of Alberta, Canada, situated 26 kilometres (16 mi) southwest of Edmonton, the provincial capital, and located along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

This particular Devon owes its existence to one of the largest oil discoveries in the world in 1947. The Imperial Leduc #1well struck oil and this new location of Devon holds the distinction of being the first Canadian community to be approvedby a Regional Planning Commission. Devon, Alberta is named after the Devonian formation (the strata tapped in the Leduc #1 oil well), which in turn is named for our own Devon county!

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