Devon Holiday Homes

Devon Holiday Homes

Devon Holiday Homes

With a great choice of expansive sandy beaches, or secluded coves; the rugged beauty of Dartmoor, or the many idyllic towns and villages to explore, Devon really does offer something for everyone. In every one of these places you can find holiday homes to suit all budgets. Below you will find some links.

Apart from the usual main sites for other holiday accommodation we can recommend the following for self-catering, cottages and holiday homes in Devon.

Why would we recommend a holiday home? It doesn't suit everyone, but there has been a move toward holiday homes more recently as a good alternative and this is due to a number of reasons a) lot of new properties which remain unsold and owners require an income to maintain b) many people consider second home to be their pension fund c) holiday homes are often better used than left untended.

The benefits of a holiday home are many fold: a) space b) extra facilities c) often better locations d) gardens, balconies and private pools e) Often cheaper per head f) not tied to meal times g) often there are many extras, such as SKY TV, games consoles, free internet access etc

Holiday Homes also provide the opportunity to get together with family and friends for special events at key times of the year. Easter, Christmas and New Year are very popular and many holiday home destinations have lots of things going on for all the family to enjoy!

As we say it doesn't suit everyone, but it is very popular and becoming even more so. If you do want a hotel however then use one of our local search pages for hotels, such as Torquay Hotels and expand the selection range.


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